Tutorial: Easy-peasy Cushion Case

I haven’t been posting for a while. Lots of things are going on right now.

Meanwhile it is proper summer here in London! Finally! The weather inspired me to make new cushion cases for living room sofa. And to make it more interesting, I decided to make a tutorial on how to do it quick and easy. It only takes 1 piece of pattern, 4 stitches and a bit of ironing.

We will need:

  • the cushion
  • piece of fabric
  • cutting and sewing tools

Изображение 001

What to do:

  1. Measure your cushion. We need to know the length and width. Write it down. Let’s say your width is X and your length Y.

Изображение 002

2.  Now we need to draw a rectangle on our fabric piece. It should be the following size:

Width of rectangle = 2 * X + 4 inches + 2 inches, where X – is the width of our cushion.

4 inches here is for case’s overlap. You can make it smaller or bigger depends on your preference.

And 2 inches is seam allowance, which will be used to finish raw edges of the overlap.

Length of rectangle = Y + 1 inch, where Y – is the length of our cushion and 1 inch is seam allowance

3. So now when we know the size of rectangle, we need to mark it out on the fabric. And don’t forget about the grain. What I mean is that one side of the rectangle should be parallel to the selvedge edge of the fabric.


Изображение 004

4. Cut the rectangle

Изображение 006

5. Now we need to finish the raw edges, but only on the shorter sides! To do so, fold over the short edge about 1/4 of your seam allowance (see width rectangle from Step 1). Mine was 2 inches, so quarter of it is 0.5 inch.

Изображение 007

Iron the fold. After that, fold again the same length, iron again and sew.

Изображение 008

Изображение 009

Do the same with the other short edge of rectangle.

6. Now put your piece on the surface. Put your cushion on the top of it, roughly on the middle and fold – see the pictures.

Изображение 010

Изображение 012

Изображение 013

This is roughly how your cushion case will look like. Now, snap the fabric where it folded – see the picture above.

Unfold the pillow, measure the length between the edge and the snip, lay off this length on the other side and snip again


Do the same with the other side.

7. Now fold the fabric where the snips are, right sides together, pin and sew

Изображение 020

8. Flip the case inside out and insert your pillow. Done!

ready pillow 1

ready pillow 2

Though it is really long post, I promise it is much quicker to actually make the cushion case. I managed to make 5 cushion in very shot time (flat viewings, remember?)

This is how my sofa looked before:

Изображение 027

And now:Изображение 024

Much better, isn’t it!?

Buy the way, I am sure you have noticed that I used the same fabric here as for my previous post. Now I am in full harmony with my home environment. Hope my husband won’t accidentally sit on me one day, though.


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